Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Future of Cosmetic laser dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a term used to define any dental treatment undertaken to improve the appearance of a person's teeth. Laser dentistry is the use of laser in the field of dentistry, which makes the process of dental treatment easy and painless. In the present times, laser is used for every dental problem. Even for cosmetic treatment of your teeth and gums, laser technology is used and required. Dentists love to use soft tissue diode laser for cosmetic laser dentistry

Earlier there is nothing much that one could do to make his/her teeth look beautiful. But with changing times and the advent of new technology for extreme makeover, there are many options of changing the look of your mouth by beatifying your teeth.

Achieving a great smile is not a big deal anymore. You can use different things to bring shape to your teeth and improve your smile. Use of braces is one such thing. You can use metal, white or even invisible braces for that matter.

Moreover, tooth whitening is another fast, pain free and inexpensive treatments to brighten your teeth. This can be done via home bleaching trays prescribed by dentists or at the surgery.

On the other hand, for curved teeth, you can go for porcelain crowns or veneer treatment. In this process, the dentist will trim your teeth enamel from all sides required and after about a week porcelain restorations are cemented. As per dentists, veneers are non -invasive dental treatment. There are few veneers, which are so thin that removing any enamel is not required. However, there are things that need to consider while fixing veneers.

If veneer is as thin as 0.5 mm or below and are fixed on top of your straight teeth, it will look slightly thicker. But, if you have curved teeth and it need to be removed, the attached tooth tissue, which sticks out for the 0.5 mm to 1mm thick veneer, it might cause damage if the tooth is removed it might weaken the bonding strength of the veneer.

Looking at the devices such as soft tissue diode laser, the future of Cosmetic laser dentistry looks quite bright.